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#1 - Tying the Not


“When are you getting married?”

The world may be ending, a pandemic has taken over our lives, unemployment is killing us, but the shaadi question is not going anywhere. Thanks to work and study from home, and living with family 24x7, it seems that almost everyone is suddenly interested in finding their saccha pyaar.

But why? What’s the deal with our IG feeds becoming one big PDA-fest?

One simple answer is loneliness.

The Dose #1
Tying The Not

#2 - Care, For Self


In COVID-19 times, often the only difference between a weekday and a weekend is how we use our computers.


On weekdays, we sit in front of a screen to attend online classes, or say “yes” to work meetings.


And on weekends, the same screen becomes our entertainment centre, or a portal to nibhao-ing friendships.


We have no structured…. anything!

The Dose #2
Care, For Self

#3 - Am I Good Enough?

Who amongst us doesn’t know this question? You, that girl in college who tops every exam, that friend on Instagram whose life is #goals…and Michelle Obama? That’s right. In her memoir “Becoming,”


Michelle Obama writes how she too was troubled by this question of being good enough.

Now, take a second to think about that. Michelle Obama. Former first lady. Princeton and Harvard law grad. An inspiration for women worldwide.

The Dose #3
Am I Good Enough?

#4 - How To Win Friends?


You don’t need us to tell you that 2020 has been a terrible year. So terrible that even YouTube decided not to do a rewind! But if there’s one thing that has made this year a little bearable, it’s family, and friends who feel like long-lost family, no?

It’s no secret that friendships are the best! Having someone you can talk to, discuss your world domination theories with, laugh over silly films, and learn new things from is what makes friendship an absolute joy of life.

The Dose #4
How To Win Friends?

#5 - Where's The Stree In Politics?


Let’s do a quick exercise, you and I. Think of the word “politician” and the translation of that word in whichever language you speak. My mother-tongue is Hindi, so for me, “politician” in Hindi means “neta.” But a "female politician" in Hindi? Nothing.


Does your language have a specific word for a female politician?

The objective of this exercise is to make a small point...

The Dose #5
Where's The Stree In Politics?

#6 - How To Heal A Broken Heart?


The thing about heartbreak is that it’s astonishingly tough to convey. You can sing along to all the Atif Aslam songs in the world and you can sob your way through your fav rom-com.


You can order the best brownies in town and bury yourself in work emails. And yet, when someone asks “how are you,” it can be hard to put a broken heart into words.

The other thing about 2020 is that we’re all heartbroken...

The Dose #6
How To Heal A Broken Heart?

#7 - How To Make NYE Resolutions Actually Work?


Do you make New Years’ resolutions? I gave up doing that a few years ago — basically, the year when I realised that a regular yoga routine was just not going to happen.


But I have always been fascinated by the idea of a New Years’ resolution. A fresh start, a chance to do things you’ve always wanted to, and a brand new year to do them in. It’s tempting, no? Even more so as we come to an end to 2020.

The Dose #7
How To Make NYE Resolutions Actually Work?